Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Seventh holiday gig of 2014

This one, courtesy of Gigmasters, was a family-and-friends party in a lovely home.  At the door was this welcoming sign, which mentioned my caricatures, among other pleasant goings-on!  (Said friends all told me she was a master party-thrower!)
My spot was in this cozy family room downstairs:
While setting up, I admired the ornaments on their tree. I knew they had flair when I saw the pickle, nevermind the Kurt Cobain ornament!!! 
Here's the mastermind and her hubby. :-)
Below: WHAT A GREAT FACE!!!! And of course I had to include the mouse logo on his sweater.
Everyone was enjoying themselves immensely, (see below! ;-). I  also discovered one of the hostess's relatives was practically a neighbor to me. It may be a cliche, but it really *is* a small world. 
Thank you for having me, Michael and Alison, AND for the thoughtful feedback you left for me on Gigmasters!!!! It's words like yours that really help potential clients feel good about booking my services. Merry Christmas!! :-)

Emily is an all around 5 star gal! She made our Holiday party such a hit. I received 12 emails the following day about how much our guests enjoyed Emily and her caricatures. Emily is very talented and very friendly! She was part of the gang within minutes of joining us. She is relaxed and fun and made great chit chat with our rowdy group. I would recommend Emily for any event. The conversation and fun that her talent brought to our party was priceless. If you're looking for entertainment that is easy going and will bring smiles to your guests faces, choose Emily! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sixth holiday gig of 2014

My sixth holiday event (no, I'm not tired of them yet) was for residents and their families at a senior-living center. And, I got to meet a REAL SANTA!
Lots of triples at this one!
This man was very popular here. :-)
Thanks for having me! :-)

Update: My client sent me some nice feedback:

Thanks so much for coming! The residents and families loved it. I will be in contact about future events. Have a great Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Fifth holiday gig of 2014!

My fifth holiday event was for the international students at WCU, my second time drawing for them this year. It was especially festive because many of them were graduating the next day. :-)
Thanks for having me again! :-)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fourth holiday party of 2014...

...and it's one of my favorite company parties of the year because it feels much more like a family party.  This is the entrance:
and this is their showroom, transformed into a gigantic ginger-bread-house factory:
There are many faces I'm happy to see every year:
Thank you once again for having me! :-)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

B'nai Mitzvah caricatures

Last weekend, I had the honor of drawing at an unusual double bar mitzvah celebration for twins...
a B'nai Mitzvah.
Bar Mitzvah (Hebrewבַּר מִצְוָה) and Bat Mitzvah (Hebrewבַּת מִצְוָה) (plural: B'nai mitzvah for boys, B'not Mitzvah for girls) are Jewish coming of age rituals.
It was also unusual in that it was all happening in one elegantly appointed room, which meant I got to see and hear some of the traditions. 
Below: Some of the 13-year old boys (who made up most of my sitters ;-) and who enjoyed being caricature spectators for the evening. 
Here's a few of them! I wish  had gotten some photos of the guests of honor----but I drew them first, so they'd have time to socialize with their many friends and family members. 
One young gentlemen took a sped-up video of my drawing hand!
And, my drawings did not consist of only adolescent boys:
Congratulations, boys! Thanks so much to your family for having me draw at the entire celebration!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Third holiday event of 2014

For a title, I think I'll just number each holiday party I do this month...there's quite a few on my calendar, for which I am quite grateful.

When I walk into a gig, somewhere in the back of my mind lurks the fact that my job, of being a caricaturist, although it brings joy and happiness to folks, is not a necessity of life to my clients. It's a perk. So I try to make sure I'm doing the best job I can, for each person who sits in my chair. I want the experience AND the drawing they leave with (preferably BOTH) to be something they'll enjoy in different ways, for a long time.

This gig, a children's Christmas party, is one of my longest running events. Many of the parents attending tell me about how I've drawn their kids for many years in a row....and how they're all hanging up proudly in their home. I'm grateful for all this too. :-)
Santa ALWAYS shows up at this party!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Second holiday gig of 2014

Two holiday parties in two nights for me! My easel and I attended another festive event last night. This one was courtesy of, and the guests were all real estate agents. The venue was a converted theater!
Everybody was *really* happy here and there was a live band!
My very first sitter told me I had drawn her ten years ago at a party, and that it was still hanging up in her office!! Unfortunately, I didn't remember her....brain like a sieve, I guess. Or else it might be that I have drawn probably tens of thousands of faces since then ;-)
More fun reaction shots at this party!
I was asked to do several groups of co-workers, whose  members left when done, so this photo below doesn't include the subjects......however, the V.I. Lenin-lookalike appears in the video taken by my last subject of the evening (and the band's finale, too!)
(Yes, I told him he could have a career impersonating Lenin----and he said it wasn't the first time he'd heard that!!!)
Okay...two minutes of party ambiance including what I look like from the sitter's P.O.V. ( Yikes) (and it's my sitter singing, I was just mouthing the words ;-)
Thanks, Tad!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

First holiday event of 2014

The holiday gig season began last night with a gala for residents of a stylish hi-rise condo building. The party was held in various common areas, and my easel and I were situated near a tranquil lap pool!
All the guests were neighbors in a sense, so the atmosphere was quite jovial with lots of friendly banter.  I tried to get some reaction shots because everybody was giving me
 such good expressions!!
 Below: This is the one whose immediate first reaction I wasn't quick enough to capture...he burst out laughing and doubled over!!
Thanks so much, Michelle, and for taking the time to check out my online caricature-reaction video which resulted in you booking me! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! :-)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ballerina Bat Mitzvah

My first gig after returning from the always inspiring 2014 ISCA convention was a pretty pink-themed bat mitzvah celebration, for which I had been booked well over a year in advance. The elegant rooms at the country club venue were decorated with the bat mitzvah girl's dance attire. She herself was quite adorable!
 I drew a mixture of kids and adults. This boy was game!!!
 Below: This family had fun being drawn, with the dad whispering to me the kids needed to be drawn with their preferred Apple products. I said that I preferred them as well ;-)
This gentleman told me this was his first caricature, and that he'd always wanted one when he saw artists drawing in NYC. He got his wish and then some! :-)
His daughter enjoyed watching the process, (after I'd drawn her, of course) and even posted this pic on Instagram:
Thanks to Gigmasters, and Abby and her family for having me! :-)
Update 12-8-14: I'm very grateful to my client, Abby's mom, who left me some very nice feedback on Gigmasters:
Emily was a pleasure to work with and my guests were very excited about the caricatures they took home with them. She is extremely talented and I would absolutely use her services again if the opportunity were to arise.